OpUs Verte

OpUs Verte

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Sustainable raw material


At present nearly 50% of the sustainable OpUs Verte triggerspray weight is made with PCR ( shrouds, bofy, screw cap and nozzle)

Post consumer recycled (PCR) resin is the resin made from plastics used by consumers and recycled. The PCR resin originates from a EuCertPlast certified supplier. EuCertPlast focuses on traceability of plastic materials (throughout the entire recycling process and supply chain), and on the quality of recycled content in the end-product. PCR resin in OpUs Verte is made from recycled beverage packaging (fe. juice, milk). Many colors can be matched, but due to the creamy colored resin translucent and the very bright colors are not possible.

OpUs Verte can be recycled in same manner as sprayers made from virgin resin.


The sustainable OpUs Verte triggerspray, although made with recycled plastics, maintains the same high performance of its predecessor, the OpUS.