Bio Jar 60 ml

Bio Jar 60 ml

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Bio jar 60 ml

Sustainable raw material



60 ml


61,5 mm


49 mm




Sustainable 60 ml bio jar sugarcane.

Norway is a global leader in sustainable living. In 2018, 5 million Norwegians recycled 880 tons which is 80% of all their total household waste. Ramson Packaging believes plastic is far too valuable a material to not be recycled and is therefore a part of a circular economy where business and social beneft align.

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we are also constantly seeking and testing alternative raw materials. Help us create a closed loop by choosing high quality sustainable packaging made from recycled material. Choosing our packaging solutions made with a mix of bio and recycled material is a better option for the environment and a proactive investment for brands actively pursuing a positive, socially relevant image with their consumers.