Ramson Packaging 25 years!

Ramson Packaging 25 years!

Ramson Packaging celebrates 25 year within packaging with a crown for Möllers tran


Ramson Packaging work with the best packaging manufacturers throughout the world, where we produce and distribute the finest packaging solutions for our customers.
We also have our own production of PET from 2-stage preforms, Blow Moulding PE and PP, and Injection Moulding of capsules etc. For your project we can make custom moulding at a very competitive price and within a short timeframe.

With 25 years experience within packaging, you can be sure that your project is in the best of hands.

On our 25th anniversary we have produced a crown for the Möllers Tran bottle in Norway for their anniversary, as a start of our Injection Moulding production.

We were contacted by Retail House to make the Möllers Tran bottle stand out in connection with their 160 years anniversary. They came to us with a sketch of a crown, and a need for a short lead time. We accepted the challenge and made their sketch into a technical drawing and prototype. Within 12 week from their initial request, we delivered the finished product.

The crown itself is a special mixture of PP and TPE, a rubber like material, to make the crown softer in stores.